Discover the Power of Creativity in Adults: Rediscover Your Inner 5-Year-Old and Ignite Innovation

Are adults truly destined to lose touch with their creative potential as they grow older? In a world that often prioritizes conformity and practicality, the notion of nurturing creativity in adults may seem far-fetched. However, a fascinating study conducted Read more

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#1: From Darkness to Innovation: Embracing Creativity in Challenging Times

Discover how a power outage became a catalyst for problem-solving and creative thinking. Explore alternative solutions, foster a culture of innovation, and envision a brighter future by stepping out of your comfort zone. Join us on this journey of resilience and learn how to keep your lights switched on, both figuratively and literally, in the face of adversity. Read more
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The Power of Small Ideas: Discover How 2 Innovations Transformed the Iconic Volkskas Building

Architectural witness to history gleams in new splendour – Style Aggregator (

My dad is a civil engineer, he worked in construction for many years and started off with Stocks & Stocks. We were sipping cappuccinos over a recent Read more

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Discover the Power of Consistency: 4 Lessons Learned from a Snapped Achilles Tendon.

Read more about the power of consistency, some insight into the origins of padel tennis, and the author's personal experience of recovering from a snapped Achilles tendon. Valuable lessons learned, including the power of consistency. Read on to discover how consistency can help you achieve your goals and push the reset button in your life. Read more
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Overcome the “Pike Syndrome” for Business Growth and Success

The Pike Syndrome
Discover creative solutions to drive business success by understanding, accepting and overcoming the 'Pike Syndrome'. Learn how to take control of change and embrace challenges along the way. Read more
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Organising Ideas – The 1 Habit That Helped Richard Branson Get Ahead

Organising your ideas
As a business professional, you constantly need and can come across lots of ideas. Some of them may be great, some of them may be good, and some may not be useful at all. But how do you remember the worthwhile ones? How can you ensure that all your ideas don’t get lost in space? Read more
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Can someone who is broke achieve wealth by thinking outside the box? Yes! | Debra Langley

1. Believe It’s Possible Stop waiting for the Genie to appear and start believing that you have the magic within you to make things happen. Walk around with your eyes open and look for ideas and opportunities around you each day. Your circumstances and experiences are totally unique, which means that your insights and ideas are totally unique too. 2. Create A Plan The first step to achieving wealth is to create a plan for success. This plan should include setting long-term and short-term goals, as well as outlining the steps needed to reach those goals. Once you have set your goals, map out the resources that are necessary for you to reach them, such as money or time and then set a timeline for when each goal must be achieved. Having a plan in place gives you focus and direction and helps ensure that you stay on track with your goals. It also helps keep you motivated and accountable by providing measurable milestones that will track your progress towards your ultimate objectives. 3. Be Resourceful When it comes to achieving wealth or big ideas on a budget, resourcefulness goes a long way. Look at what resources are already available and find ways to maximize their use and benefit. For example, if you want to learn more about a certain skill or industry but don’t have much money, consider taking free online courses, watch You Tube videos like Julius Yego, or attend free webinars offered by experts in the field. All these examples, can provide you with lots of insights and will not require a large cash investment up front. Finally, there is no doubt that anyone can achieve financial success regardless of their current position—it just takes some creative thinking and savvy decision making along the way! By creating a plan for success, being resourceful with what resources are available, investing your time wisely and believing in your own magic anyone can go from broke to wealthy over time – all they need is the right mindset! So why wait any longer? Start thinking outside the box today!
Everyone wants to be successful in life, and that often means achieving wealth. But is it realistic to expect someone from a disadvantaged background or who is broke to become wealthy? Absolutely! By thinking outside the box, anyone can achieve financial success. Read more
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