#1 Beyond Board Games: Dixit’s Secret to Igniting Creative Thinking Skills

In a world where screens dominate our attention and genuine interactions scarcely exist anymore, Dixit emerges as a fun tool and a means of improving your creative thinking skills and connections at the same time. Beyond the laughter and Read more

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The Power of Small Ideas: Discover How 2 Innovations Transformed the Iconic Volkskas Building

Architectural witness to history gleams in new splendour – Style Aggregator (style-aggregator.com)

My dad is a civil engineer, he worked in construction for many years and started off with Stocks & Stocks. We were sipping cappuccinos over a recent Read more

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Discover the Power of Asking the RIGHT questions. | 1 Simple Lesson. | Debra Langley

Asking the right questions is a powerful tool to gain valuable insights and make smart decisions. With the right questions, you can leverage your business strategy and open up new possibilities for personal and business growth. Read more
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Unlocking the Benefits of Doing the Unexpected in Business

A great of example of doing the unexpected, in his legendary book Change, psychologist Paul Watzlawick tells the story of Margaret, the Countess of Tyrol, a remarkable woman – fearless and formidable. Having been cheated out of her inheritance Read more

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Discover The Power of Proactive Thinking – Why Businessmen Need to Think 1 Step Ahead

Successful businessmen know that success lies in anticipating what’s to come. The most successful members of the business world understand the importance of strategic planning and proactive thinking, assessing risks before they arise—and ultimately taking the steps necessary to Read more

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What is Creativity? Think Beyond Traditional Boundaries and Build Powerful Connections | Debra Langley|

What is creativity

What is creativity?

C*R*E*A*T*I*V*I*T*Y is a process.

The Oxford dictionary defines creativity as follows, “​The use of skill and imagination to produce something new or to produce art.”

If creativity is the use of imagination, then we are all Read more

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Transform Ideas: Take Something That Already Exists and Make Something Better. | Debra Langley

Transform Ideas
Walk around with your eyes wide open, look for things to spark ideas and send your mind off aimlessly in new directions and then take something that already exists and turn it into something bigger, better or something altogether new. Read more
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Benefits of LEGO bricks for adults| What amazing things could your company do with 1 000 000’s of LEGO bricks? |

Lego bricks
Discover the countless benefits that millions of LEGO bricks can bring to your business, from fostering creativity and problem-solving skills to unleashing playful energy. Learn more about how creativity is nurtured with play here. Read more
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Think Outside the Box | Create a Culture of Innovation and Creativity at Work|

Thinking Out of the Box
The phrase "Think outside the box" is a popular expression used to encourage ideas, innovation, and creativity. In this context, "the box" can refer to the boundaries of traditional thought patterns and ideas. It can also be seen as an example of what Albert Einstein famously referred to as “thinking in circles” - a habit of relying on the same ideas and techniques to solve a problem rather than seeking out new, creative solutions. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, relying on the same ideas and techniques to solve problems without seeking out innovative solutions. Read more
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